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"The Astor Klezmer Trio"

From Klezmer Music to Argentine Tango there is only one step, made by the important Jewish Community living in Buenos Aires in the 1920s.

"The Astor Klezmer Trio" gives first a tribute to the most famous composer of Argentine Tango: Astor Piazzolla with " History of the Tango ". (dedicated and premiered in 1986 by Marc Grauwels and Guy Lukowski)

Tango is born in Buenos Aires around 1880, fruit of the rich mixture of different immigrants which populated Argentina in this period ; Italian, Spanish, French, Jewish and afro-Argentine. A few years later, the Jewish Community of Buenos Aires had a massive expansion. The Jewish Musicians quite naturally began playing tangos, and the composers to compose Tangos in Yiddish.

The Yiddish Tangos is the reflection of the particular History of the Jewish populations in the 20th century and of their wanderings.
From Buenos Aires to the New York theatrical scene, including Poland, some musicians took and enriched this new music, returning it in Eastern Europe, the cradle of the Klezmer Music 
This is the explanation of this unusual name : "The Astor Klezmer Trio".

Joëlle Strauss - violin and vocals

Joëlle Strauss started playing the violin at the age of 4; she then added voice and piano to her repertoire before obtaining her diplomas in the Royal Academies.


After a high-level classic training, her interest for the violin urged her to perfect other styles such as gypsy, klezmer, jazz, and oriental, all alongside the most famous masters.


Marc Grauwels - flute

Marc Grauwels is undoubtedly one of the Belgian flautists most catching the limelight today.

He owes this to his talent, his dynamic and generous personality but equally to his innate sense of communication.

His eclecticism as an international soloist has inspred some one hundred composers from all over the world to write especially for him.



Christophe Delporte - accordion

One can without question affirm that his artistic career began in 1989 by participating in the “Young Soloists” competition organized by Belgian Television (RTBF) where he obtained second prize.  Moreover he received the prize awarded by television viewers by an absolute majority.


“Never have I ever heard the accordion played like that” was the leitmotiv when commented on his performances throughout the entire competition.  


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